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So, who is involved in Trans Aware Cancer Care? A message from the Community Researchers

Hey everyone, we are a group of Trans+ community researchers and we have been working alongside Bournemouth University researchers, as well as some awesome cancer and Trans+ specialist organisations to develop creative and interactive workshops, and at least one of us will be leading each workshop.

We are excited to be able to provide a creative space for Trans+ people to share their experiences with Cancer Services. Our goal? To capture what is currently going on, and help shape the future of cancer services for the Trans+ community.

We are excited to introduce you to the wider project team, so you know who you can expect to be at the workshops, and what each organisation has been up to in the project!

Beyond Reflections are a charity, whose involvement has been about making sure the trans+ community feels heard and respected throughout this project. A volunteer from Beyond Reflections will be at each workshop, to ensure that all attendees feel as safe and supported as possible. They will also be involved in sharing everything back to the trans+ communities, as well as national trans+ support organisations

At least one researcher from Bournemouth University will be at each of the creative workshops. BU have supported the development of all research activity, helping the Community Researchers to bring their ideas alive. They will continue to support analysis and help spread the word about what we discover.

Macmillan provide advice, guidance and support nationally around cancer services, and have a strong local presence in joining up local cancer services. Macmillan’s role in this project is to challenge the NHS around its ability to provide equitable cancer services, and to link up with other charities to propose solutions that work alongside NHS services to meet the needs of Trans+ people.

Wessex Cancer Trust’s role is to ensure that non-NHS cancer service delivery supports solutions that are proposed during the engagement sessions and that all smaller cancer charities voices are represented.

Help & Care’s role is to ensure that the planning, scheduling and coordination of the project meets the agreed time frames. They ensure the project runs smoothly, including creating communications and organising various meetings. They are responsible for writing up the development and outcomes of the project.

A Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist will be at each workshop to offer support, point you in the right direction for any services you might need. She’s been super helpful in putting these workshops together and has helped the team better understand how to approach such a sensitive topic. We’re lucky to have her on board!

Thank you for your interest in our project!
If you have any unanswered questions about the project or the workshops, please contact