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Community Research Neurodivergent and Disability Project: What I’d Like to Say

What I’d Like to Say is a Community Research project exploring the experiences of disabled and/or neurodivergent people’s experiences of cancer care and support, developing recommendations aimed towards improving the accessibility and quality of these services in the future.  

For phase one of the project Help & Care partnered with Macmillan Cancer Support, Bournemouth University: Public Involvement in Education and Research [PIER] partnership and the Research Centre for Seldom Heard Voices and Wessex Cancer Alliance.

What we did

Two disabled and neurodivergent community researchers codesigned the research methodology and delivered the peer-led engagement. The research methodology involved the delivery of creative workshops with community groups and individual interviews. The focus was to explore the factors that contributed towards people’s positive care and any barriers or challenges faced.

The Community Researchers were invited to present the project findings to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer at the Houses of Parliament. You can read the report here.

For 2024 we’re delighted that this project is moving into phase 2 with funding support from our partner Macmillan Cancer Support. The projects Community Researchers are leading the next phase which aims to provide further solutions to improve cancer care and support for those who are neurodivergent and/or have a disability. An additional outcome will be the development of resources and training for those who deliver cancer services.