Community research

What is community research?

We know that those who are most affected by health and broader inequalities are often the least involved in identifying research priorities, or shaping and conducting research which directly impacts them. As such, they remain under-served by health and social care research (NIHR Include Project 2020).

Community Research is a form of Participatory Action Research which is a dynamic and transformative approach to undertaking research that actively and authentically involves community members in the entire research process.

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Help & Care: Community Research through the years

Help & Care recently launched ‘Involving People’: an enterprise under the Help & Care umbrella designed to improve health and care outcomes by involving patients and the public in the design, delivery and transformation of health services. Through Involving People, we actively seek opportunities to continue and grow this work, Community Research is very much a central part of this.

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Collaboration is one of our core values at Help & Care. Partnership and trusting relationships are key to Community Research and we are very grateful to have worked with some great organisations and partners both in the past and to date.

In current projects, we are working with local and national charities, academic establishments and the NHS and VCSE. Sharing resources, experience and knowledge have equiped us with the tools needed to turn insight into solutions.

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If you’d like to find out more about Community Research, including our current projects, or if you would like to discuss how we can support you in Community Research and peer-led engagement, you can email us at or contact us:

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